Grammy night!!!

Well it’s Grammy night here in LA, but unfortunately BOC has been completely overlooked and has not been nominated for album/song/record of the year, best new artist, best rock, best performance by a duo or group or any other bullshit category they have now. I have never watched the Grammys on TV and I certainly won’t be starting this year, but it occurred to me that I have always regarded NOT being nominated for a Grammy (or any other stupid music award) as a badge of honor. After all, how many really cool influential bands have Grammys?  How many ground breaking genre-defining albums were even nominated?  The White Album? Are You Experienced? Dark Side of the Moon? Who’s Next? Zeppelin 4? Paranoid? Nevermind? Anything by Bowie? The Doors? WTF? The list is endless. Google any of the past 50 years of Grammy nominations and you will find a baron wastland of totally forgotton music that was manufactured for mass appeal at that particular time with no other redeeming quality (hence, quickly forgotten to make room for the next year’s crap). These awards are nothing more than thinly-veiled publicity stunts and have NOTHING to do with good music (let alone “best” anything). The classic bands that were ignored and passed over in their heyday were not motivated to greatness with sugary thoughts of hoisting some trophy in front of their peers like they just won the Super Bowl. I can only speak for BOC, but I don’t mind to be spared such embarrassment.  Besides, these shows are predetermined and fixed to maximize profits for the labels (I make it my business to know these things)…

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